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AQUILO 8 V2 2ND.png

The main goal of the 2022-2023 year is the development of the AQUILO VIII rocket. The team is designing everything in-house, outsourcing only the manufacturing of the motor nozzle to an external body. The AQUILO VIII is the biggest project thus far. It's a multiyear project, with major phases. The brainstorm, design and development, manufacturing, testing and final launch phase. The multiple years allows the team to test different systems instead of just making a rocket. This helps with the project being a student team. The research and development will ensure that the students learn and experience as much as possible in this particular section of aerospace.

AQUILO 8 V2.png

AQUILO VIII will be the first 2 stage rocket developed by the team. Making use of the highly efficient motors the team has designed, this rocket will set new milestones. The goal not necessarily being to go higher, the members have the freedom to implement multiple innovations.


Another big goal is to change the location of launching rockets. To achieve this, research will be done into local rocketry legislation to ensure everything the team does is according to the law. Relationships with local rocketry groups will be established. This ensures an exchange of information, methods and techniques. The most likely country of the launch is currently Poland as contact with rocketry groups there has been made. However, other countries are not excluded. The possibilities for Spain and other popular launch countries in Europe and around the world are open. This is primarily limited by the budget that the team has.

An increased presence on the rocketry scene in Europe is preferred for the team. The activity on both social media and physical industry-related events will be increased. The team wants the world to know AQUILO, its achievements and the vision of the future. This gives the possibility of more and better relationships with possible sponsors, partners and other rocketry groups.

As a student group, next to the rocket, an important result of the work the team puts in is the acquirement of knowledge and experience.  Every year the group gets expanded on by the addition of new first-year students. The team will transfer as much knowledge as possible to the new students.

This year we will also start the early phases of development of a more sophisticated rocket engine. A project that will run for years to come.


Lastly, through this all a major goal is to improve documentation and the autonomy of the team. This way we will secure AQUILO's future for years to come.

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