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Timo van Spelden

I’m Timo van Spelden, from the Netherlands, 20 years of age and the manager of AQUILO Rocket Team for year 2022-2023. Besides manager I am also a second year Aeronautical Engineering student. Last June I joined AQUILO and by working hard over the summer break, I got chosen by previous manager, Daniel Oprea, to become the new lead of AQUILO. Personally I am a hardworking and disciplined person that is always willing to learn, ready to listen to other people and not afraid to tackle whatever task there is. My interest for rockets developed when I saw the two Falcon Heavy boosters land simultaneously back on the launch pad for the first time. This is what ignited my inner rocket to get to the top and be the best possible version of myself. 

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Manager of the AQUILO Rocket Team

The manager of AQUILO is responsible for steering all different departments in the right direction, keeping contact with external organizations and the financial side. Having regular meetings with the different department heads is essential for good communication between the members within the team and achieving the set goals. Sponsor and internships are a good example of keeping contact with other organizations and are not uncommon for the manager. This consists of setting up contracts and providing the interns with their needs so they can complete their goals. Besides this, the manager also has his feet in all the departments and will help wherever needed. Capable of layering carbon fibre with the structural department, designing a new motor with the propulsion department and writing code with the electronics department. 
The manager is an all-rounder within the team. Busy all the time making sure that everyone gets what they need on time and that hereby AQUILO will achieve it’s goals.


You can reach me either via email (general) or via phone (personal)

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