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Dear reader,

Welcome to the first official blog of the AQUILO team AKA the AQUILOG. What can you expect from these kinds of blogs: updates on the work done on our magnificent rockets, interesting events in the aerospace industry and developments regarding the team. So buckle up and enjoy the ride.

In these Corona times it is most important to stay in contact with the people that you love and enjoy living with. This blog is started with that principle in mind. AQUILO has the wonderful opportunity to show you what can be achieved when a group of enthusiasts come together and work focused on something that we regard as beautiful. During this Covid-19 crisis, there has been a drastic need to alter the way the team approaches their work. Online meetings, brainstorming and other activities have become mainstream this year. Luckily, we are still able to enjoy the facilities, although in a limited manner, that are open to use. This year saw us get our very own place within the university. The aforementioned place, named the bunker, is now the hub of AQUILO. We are grateful for the opportunity to be able to continue the way of working that we have come to know and love during these times.

This period has been hard on many of us, but luckily our students have the opportunity to get some distraction from the hard work and study to indulge in a river of creativity. Every year, the AQUILO project is expanded by a group of first year students. What the team does is give them a place to use the information gathered in the Aeronautical Engineering, Luchtvaarttechnologie and Precision Engineering studies at the University of Applied Sciences Inholland Delft. The AQUILO team offers them access to practice with rockets and develop their engineering skills in a save environment. Soon more on this topic.

For now, these blogs will be weekly. If you enjoyed them, be sure to share our team and remember:

In Thrust we Trust,

Joeri Verheul

Manager AQUILO 2020-2021

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