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Dear reader,

Welcome to the AQUILOG yet again. This week saw the introduction of the new first year students. The board of AQUILO performed the first ever AQUILO introduction day. One of the goals of this year is to improve the longevity of the project. The introduction of such an intro day is a definite step towards that goal. It started off with a presentation into the global workings of AQUILO. The what is what, when is when and who is who. This was followed up by the introductions to the different departments: structural, electronics and rocket engine.

The first years will go through a traject of skills and knowledge acquirement. Members of the AQUILO team will be giving them tutorials on important skills that they have gathered during the period of time that they have been in the team. Subject like composites and simulation software are examples of the subjects that will be addressed.

Next to these before mentioned points, they will be introduced to the meetings and workflow that occurs within the team. The future is bright for them and AQUILO.

For now I have to put this blog to bed, I hope you enjoy these types of updates on team related events. Remember:

In Thrust we Trust,

Joeri Verheul

Manager AQUILO 2020-2021

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