RE 1

A 10 000 Ns rocket engine that enables AQUILO rockets to breach the 10 kilometer barriere.


The AQUILO rocket team set itself a massive challenge with the AQUILO VII rocket, to breach the 10 kilometer line, which required an alternative power source than the reliable PB51 motor. To overcome this challenge, the RE1 was designed.

The engine was designed at the same time as AQUILO VII by the rocket engine department. This particular name was chosen for it to, hopefully, be the first engine of many engines designed and build by the AQUILO student team.


The RE1 utilizes a different fuel than the sorbitol powered PB51. RE1 uses an APCP (Ammonium Perchlorate Composite Propellant) fuel. Fun fact, this is the same fuel type that was used in the boosters of the American Space Shuttle program.


The casing is significantly larger than the trusty PB51.