AQUILO is a student team that develops a rocket that is completely made out of composite materials. Every year new motivated students enter the team and experienced engineers depart after having completed there study. The new students get the room to make decisions on the direction of AQUILO and the goals for every next rocket. This means that the team is not always looking for a rocket that is bigger, can carry more or that can go higher. Students decide on what the AQUILO rockets focus on. Technological advancements go hand in hand with this principle. The team looks forward to the future, however the goals are not final and the flexibility is high so that the new students can influence the course of the team as well. The manufacturing of the rockets is carried out at the facilities of Inholland Composites.


The Aquilo project has been rolling for over 6 years now. In those six years, multiple rocket designs and actual rockets have been built. The most successful rocket thus far is the Aquilo V rocket. 

The team is currently working hard on the Aquilo VII and VIII rockets. These rockets are getting improved by the year and the team learns along the way. Every version is an improvement over the previous one. This method of constantly improving the existing designs helps with the reliability of flights.


Traditionally rockets have been made out of all different types of materials. The AQUILO project makes materials out of many different types of composites. The most used composite in our rockets is a carbon fiber. Furthermore, the rockets consist of G10 fiberglass and other aramid composites.

The main advantage of building the rocket of composite material is its strength to weight ratio, making the rocket relatively light. Besides that, using composite material will reduce signal interference compared to steel.