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The fourth edition in the Aquilo project is one of the most unique rockets in the AQUILO family. The looks are different from the other rockets. Whereas all the other rockets were black, this one is hot-pink. This is because there is a big difference between the Aquilo IV and the rest of the project. This edition is not made out of carbon-fiber and/or metals. The IV is made out of biocomposites. The change in building materials let to extensive knowledge and experience for the respective students working on it.

The Aquilo IV was designed and built by a separate team than that from the III.V. It was developed at the same time.

The Aquilo IV uses a solid-fuel rocket engine supplied by NERO. The APCP powers the flight of the rocket.

The rocket did not meet the safety standards set by both NERO and the launch site. Therefore the rocket was never launched. It now has a special place at the innovation studio at Inholland and serves its purpose as a point of interest for new students and potential new Aquilo members

Maximum thrust
Total impulse
Never launched
6651 (dry weight)
124 mm
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