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The AQUILO VII is our most ambitious project yet. For the first time in the history of the rocket team, this rocket will break both the sound barrier and the 10 kilometre in altitude. 10 Kilometres is a major step forward.


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The rocket features some upgraded design over previous rockets. The main difference is the heat resistant nose tip that is added. A fully graphite tip is added to be able to resists the temperatures that arise due to the friction with the air.

Assembly 3.jpeg

The rocket features upgraded fins that are optimized for supersonic flight. The sleek swept back design reduces drag on the complete rocket while still stabilizing in flight.


A major reduction in aluminum is a goal of the team. The main volume of alumimun is located in the bulkheads. The AQUILO VII will feature, for the first time in AQUILO history, composite bulkheads. Made out of CFRP and paper aramid honeycomb, the bulkheads will be lighter than ever while having ample strength to withstand the heavy forces inside the rocket.


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