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The recovery department

The recovery department is in control of the safe return of our rockets. This involves the drogue and main parachutes deployed during descend. We will also oversee the systems used for stage separation. We make sure the rocket lands within a defined area and in one piece. For this we are using parachutes from external suppliers and developing our own separation systems. The recovery department is a new department that starts this year. We are looking forward to work together with the other departments to make AQUILO even better.

The recovery department consists, as every department, of a department head, members and advisors. The current department is shown below. They deal with a workload that both consist of practical and theoretical parts. The theoretical part being the research for the right parachutes and the calculations for the loads and speeds during descent. The practical part comes down to the assembling and testing of these components making sure they are ready for a safe descent.

AquiloRocketTeamLogo (Green).png

Head of the department

My name is Rob Lampe, and for the 2023-2024 year I will be starting the recovery department. I am a Dutch second year aeronautical engineering student at Inholland. I have been interested in space and aeronautical engineering all my life and I am glad to have been given this opportunity to work on rockets. I am looking forward to be starting the recovery department and design systems for the next AQUILO rockets.

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You can reach me either via email (department) or via phone (personal)


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