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The electronics department

The electronics department is the one responsible for the systems running our rockets. This goes from the flight computers to the igniters and soldering the smallest chips to making the recovery trackers. We are the ones responsible of making sure all systems go on cue, like ignition and separation events. And for this our team mostly works with components and programs from external suppliers, like our sponsors. But, we are also working on creating our very own AQUILO flight computer. Which we will be developing over the coming years.

The electronics department consists, as every department, of a department head, members and advisors. The current department is shown below. They deal with a workload that both consist of practical and theoretical parts. The theoretical part being the research for the right components and the programming of them. The practical part comes down to the assembling, calibration and testing of these components making sure they are ready to play their part.

Head of the department

I am Óscar García, a Spanish second-year student of Aeronautical Engineering at Inholland, Delft. For the 2023-2024 academic year, I am taking over Colin's position as Head of the Electronics department. The main objective is to bring enhancement to AQUILO's electronic systems and by doing so, increase my experience in the field. I joined this team because of my great interest in space and aeronautical technology, which is where I developed my love for electronics and programming. In this role, I look forward to improving it during the process, which includes designing our own AQUILO flight computer, building an upgraded E-bay for AQUILO 8.5S, and enhancing rocket-to-ground connectivity for improved communication. These tasks align with my passion for electronics and will contribute to the overall success of AQUILO's missions.

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You can reach me either via email (department) or via phone (personal)


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